Literary Club

Introduction: The Literary Club was established with the objective of building confidence, grooming, and talent up scaling to develop analytical & creative thinking of students. It offers them opportunities to go through a huge variety of reading material to increase their knowledge about writers/literary personalities and classics. Literary club is also committed to enhance the effective communication skills among the students which results in developing their interest in reading, writing and taking part in debates and other literary activities.


  • To inculcate, interpersonal, literary and communication skills for over all development of personality.
  • To groom their personalities raising their confidence levels.
  • To eradicate any fear lingering in one’s mind regarding proficiency in any language.
  • To eradicate inferiority complex among students regarding proficiency in language.
  • To help them to overcome the fear of public speaking


  • Debates
  • Elocution Contest
  • Extempore
  • Mock Interview
  • Creative/fiction Writing
  • Group Discussion
  • Paper reading Presentation


Kerberos Club Coordinator

OBJECTIVES:Kerberos Club organizes various technical as well as non-technical events every year. The main objective of organizing this is to indulge students in activities/events for their skill enhancement and to improve their confidence level and inculcating the spirit of team building within them.


  • Students seemed to be more confident after participating in the events.
  • They were are able to overcome their public speaking/ appearance fear.
  • They were able to evaluate themselves in a better way with respect to their peer members.
  • Number of participants in forthcoming events is increasing and more and more students are coming forward with higher level of enthusiasm.

Kerberos Club Coordinator

Ms. Jagjit Kaur & Ms. Simarjot Kaur< AP, Dept of CSE
Organization:College Of Engineering | COE , Landran (Mohali)

Club : IEEE Student Branch:

IEEE Student Branch of College of Engineering | COE Landran seeks to enhance the learning experience of the student community at the College Of Engineering. The Branch focuses on conducting social and technical activities for students encouraging students to take full advantage of the benefits of IEEE membership, including scholarships, competitions, and conference grants. The Student Branch also intends to provide opportunities for students to network with peers, academicians, professionals, engineers, and scientists through the on campus IEEE Student Branch and the Local IEEE Section, thereby encouraging students to be a part of the global IEEE community. In the year 2017, College Of Engineering | COE Landran inaugurated IEEE Student Branch of College Of Engineering.

Coordinator :
Mr Manpreet Singh Bajwa (Branch Counsellor)
AP, Dept of CSE
Organization:College Of Engineering | COE , Landran (Mohali)

Computer Society of India – Student Branch

CSI student branch has been formed at a College Of Engineering | COE landran. This student branch provides the students with a comprehensive framework to enable their formation, operations, mission delivery and reporting.

The major advantage is providing an opportunity to the students to fine tune their organizational and leadership skills through a professional training. CSI student branch has an understanding and is permitted to use CSI logo and banner for conduction of events.

Coordinator :
Mr. Gaurav Goyal
AP, Dept of CSE
Organization: College Of Engineering | COE, Landran (Mohali)


Objectives : CODEBOOM Club organizes coding events on various programming topics.The main objective of organizing these events is to indulge the students in activities/events for their enhancement of the technical skills they possess, to improve their confidence level in programming.our main objectives are:

  • To make students aware of power of coding.
  • To ensure that capable students learn about the competitive coding and to aware them about the very basics of programming.
  • To make students technically ready for the placement perspective.
  • To rank CGC on top in college rankings of hackerearth.

We held our coding contest on a online platform hackerearth

Mr Kapil Mehta
AP, Dept of CSE
Organization:College Of Engineering | COE , Landran (Mohali)