Research & Publications
S. NoName of the AuthorFaculty / StudentTitle of the PaperInternational/National
1Dr. Manish MahajanFacultySecure Healthcare Information Communication over Internet under patient-cloud communication modelInternational Journal
Secure and Efficient Search Over Cloud: A Comparative Study of various Searching TechniquesInternational Journal
X- ray Classification For Images Based On Invariant Feature Extraction MethodInternational Journal
Plagiarism Detection in Document Images using Modified Harris and Belief PropagationInternational Journal
A Theoretical Analysis for relevancy of files in Enhanced Ranking Based Cloud Search with Improved Metadata StorageInternational Journal
Protection against Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDOS) Using Secure Code Propagation in the Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETs)International Journal
Hybrid Approach for Multiple Object Tracking: KPMInternational Journal
Image Watermark Embedded Using Dwt, Neural Network and RSAInternational Journal
Movement Abnormality Evaluation Model in the Partially Centralized VANETs for Prevention Against Sybil AttackInternational Journal
A Novel Security Approach for Data Flow and Data Pattern Analysis to Mitigate DDOS Attacks in VANETsInternational Journal
Study of Copy Move Image Forgery Detection Based On Surf AlgorithmInternational Journal
Enhanced Ranking Based Cloud Searching with Improved Metadata Storage: A Case Study for Relevancy of FilesInternational Journal
To Examine the Performance of Digital Image Watermarking by Applying DWT, Neural Network and RSAInternational Journal
Enhancing Security in Mobile cloud computing using double-encryption modelInternational Journal
Comparison Of Routing Protocols (DSDV, DSR and AODV) In ManetsInternational Journal
Random Pattern based sequential bit (RaP-SeB) Steganography with Cryptography for Video EmbeddingInternational Journal
A novel steganographic approach with center weighted least significant bit method with quick encryptionInternational Journal
Task Scheduling: The Technological ChangesInternational Journal
Improvement in Copy -Move Forgery Detection Using Hybrid ApproachInternational Journal
Random Pattern Standard Bit Embedding for Minimized Histogram DifferenceInternational Journal
Virtualization in Cloud ComputingInternational Journal
2Anuj Kumar GuptaFacultyAnalyzing the effect of mobility and sink node placement on the performance routing protocols in WBANNational
A Survey on Cloud Computing Model Configuration Security Issues with Proposed SolutionsInternational Journal
3Mandeep KaurFacultySecurity attacks on cloud computing: A solution based ReviewInternational Journal
4Dapinder kaurFacultySecurity attacks on cloud computing: A solution based ReviewInternational Journal
Adaptive grass-fire Blob Detection Algorithm (AGFBDA) for the image MatricesInternational Journal
Vehicular Object localization and Classification in Traffic Video datasetInternational Journal
A Novel Finger Vein Model Based Upon Deep Curve AnalysisInternational Journal
A Study on Cloud Security Based on Data Fragmentation Distribution and replication over CloudInternational Journal
Multimodel Biometric : A review on Fusion and applicationsInternational Journal
Finger Vein Recognition using Authentication and Texture features for removing the SPURIOUS and False minutia pointsInternational Journal
5Simarjot kaurFacultySecurity attacks on cloud computing: A solution based ReviewInternational Journal
6VARINDERJIT KAURFacultya review on underwater image enhancementInternational Journal
7Dishant KhoslaFacultyStudy of Different Geometries of Patch Antenna for Wireless ApplicationsInternational Journal
An improved energy detection scheme based on channel estimationInternational Journal
Energy efficient techniques for wireless sensor networks: a reviewInternational Journal
A compact multiband PIFA for personal communication handheld devicesInternational Journal