Dear Students,
We feel proud to share with all of you that Ragging is banned in and around the college premises. Anyone found guilty of ragging and abetting is liable to be punished appropriately. Honourable Supreme Court of India has laid down very strict rules for implementation of Anti Ragging measures to avoid the occurrence of undesirable activities such as ragging inside or outside the campus. Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline. Ragging ordinarily, means an act conducted or practiced, by which power or status of senior students is brought to bear upon students freshly enrolled or students who are in any way considered junior by other students.
Ragging includes individual or collective acts/practices such as:

  • Physical assault, threat or use of physical force.
  • Violating the dignity of female students.
  • Ridiculing or forcing students or hurting their sentiments and self-esteem.
  • Entailing verbal abuse, aggression and indecent behavior

Strict norms have been laid out to ensure the smooth induction of new students into the campus as well as to ensure that no undesirable activity takes place under any circumstances. All students are made to sign an anti-ragging declaration. Exemplary punishments will be accorded to the defaulting students which may include rustication from the College and handing over to the police for dealing with the criminal offense of ragging.

The Anti –Ragging Committee has been formed that ensures the congenial environment in and outside the college premises. The Committee carries out a very detailed study on the various factors contributing to ragging and collects public opinion. The Committee also submits a detailed report with suitable recommendations and measures required to effectively curb the menace.

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It's a famous saying atAdobe that "The future belongs to those who create it" and CGC has produced CGCians who have been groomed to be in top firms and outshine on every platform. I’ve never seen an Institute that puts so much effort into getting students a deserving offer. I'm proud to be a CGCian and will always be grateful for everything CGC has provided to me.

Megha Kwatra

Adobe Systems India Pvt. Ltd

CGC Landran is undoubtedly one of the best institutions in the country. It not only excels in placements but also in the individual growth of the candidates. In my experience, the teachers of CGC Landran put their earnest efforts into assisting every student throughout their education journey. The placement offer that I received is indeed courtesy of CGC Landran. I am grateful for everything that the college has given me.

Annant Sharma

ZS Associates

My journey at CGC Landran started in the year 2018. I was just a student in the CSE branch with great dreams in my eyes. Little did I know that I would be here living one of those dreams. The college, its loving environment, supportive faculty, training programs, advanced practical learning and visionary management transformed me into a competent candidate. I will always be thankful.

Jagrit Aneja


Chandigarh Group of Colleges is a place where one can learn and grow. The faculty at CGC Landran is determined to help every student in becoming a successful professional. And hence, the college has various training and pre-placement programs. With advanced laboratories and up-to-date infrastructure, the college provides comprehensive learning of different subjects. My success is an outcome of the joint efforts from my side and the CGC family.

Ishita Sharma

Microsoft R&D

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