1) Live Projects

The computer science students of College Of Engineering | COE have shown their keen inventiveness and ingenuity by making a c-Pad (College Pad) which is an android mobile application for college students and teachers. Time is the most important and crucial resource for any student and teacher is their time. So, this application mainly focuses on how to solve the problem of routine activities which otherwise consume a lot of time of students and teachers alike.

This is what c-Pad does?

For any college student:

  • Keeping daily records of the lectures to be attended
  • Keeping check on the notice board about important notices and events
  • Looking for teachers after the lecture to clear course related doubts
  • To find and meet other officials to get done the official work related to college
  • To find any friend, classmate, senior or junior
  • For gathering class notes, assignments, enquiring about attendance

For the Teacher:

  • Floating important news and notices about various college events to every student.
  • Keeping record of lectures to be taken and making adjustments
  • Keeping track of every student data, contacting defaulters and their guardians for the concerned reasons
  • To find the whereabouts of any teacher or student


In the current scenario, the concern for the complete safety of the women has been more than ever. In order to address this graving issue in a significant manner, students of College Of Engineering | COE has developed an App named CONVEYER – A HELPING HAND. The objective behind this application is to provide safety for ladies, girls and women. It is a Multi-purpose app. It is packed with features of both everyday safety; real time emergencies. The app helps you get from the tricky situations If one is worried about how one will get help in the case of emergency then one can choose emergency alert. If you want to tell your current location to your loved ones than this is possible through Check in Button. You can setup your own personal safety network of friends, family and Co-workers. So, this socially inclusive app has been appreciated by one and all.