Dear Students,
Hope all well
We welcome you to the family of Chandigarh Group of Colleges and wish you a very bright career ahead. We would like you to know that – “Ragging is totally banned in the institution, and anyone found guilty of ragging and abetting is liable to be punished appropriately.” Supreme Court of India has laid down very strict rules for implementation of Anti Ragging measures to avoid the occurrence of undesirable activities such as ragging inside or outside the campus. Any individual or collective act or practice of ragging constitutes gross indiscipline.

Ragging ordinarily means an act conducted or practiced by which power or status of senior students is brought to bear upon students freshly enrolled or students who are in any way considered junior by other students and includes individual or collective acts/practices which involve:

  • Physical assault , threat or use of physical force.
  • Violation of the dignity of female students.
  • Exposing students to ridicule and contempt and hurting their sentiments and self-esteem.
  • Entailing verbal abuse, aggression and indecent behavior

Strict norms have been laid out to ensure smooth induction of new students into the campus as well as to ensure that no undesirable activity take place under any circumstance. All students will be made to sign anti- ragging declaration. Exemplary punishments will be accorded to the defaulting students which may include rustication from the Institute and handing over the defaulter to the police for dealing with criminal offence of ragging.

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