Making junk healthy! Health is wealth! Has been rightly said! Freshly baked breads at our own outlet, is the major attraction for customers to believe in us. We offer a variety of fresh veggies, delicious and nutritious subs topped with a wide range of sauces to choose from and a whole lot of drinks to full fill your thirst. Grab a snack or a meal at our outlet vegetarian or non vegetarian. CGC has turned out to be healthier, tastier and more nutritious with the introduction of “Subway”. This fully air-conditioned outlet can easily accommodate over 50 people. And what’s more? A different Sub each day of the week awaits you- EVERYDAY! So, enjoy your favorite healthy bite with your best buddies!


Brewing dreams! be it Summer? Winter? Autumn? Spring? A drink that’ll always be by the side; in the morning before a chemistry class, in the night before you sit down to study for an exam is- a cup of hot brewing coffee. We understand the need of coffee at the utmost hour of a student’s life and so, we bring forth an association with India’s favorite coffee brand – ‘Café Coffee Day’. Café Coffee Day has been set up in the campus at an amazing locale; more like a casual coffee stop over for the students strolling by.


To ensure home like food we at CGC, Landran facilitate a spacious and hygienic canteen that caters to the taste of all students. It can easily accommodate around 500 students at a time. The canteen and cafeteria is well equipped with modern furniture, refrigeration, electrical automatic cooking and storing facilities, which provide hot lunch, snacks and beverages both to the students and staff at reasonable rates. It is well maintained with efficient service and a take away counter. The canteen serves a variety of dishes to choose from and remains open on all working days. Beverages are served in different flavors on different days according to the need and availability of seasonal fruits along with regular and popular drinks. To break away from the monotony of daily study schedules, students refresh themselves at the dazzling cafeteria (SIP-N-BITE), offering a wide range of fast food at nominal prices.