Graduate Programs

B.Tech ( Bachelor of Electronic and Communication Engineering )

Program Detail

  • Bachelor of Electronic and communication Engineering course focuses on the electronic systems that we use daily, from simple circuits to complex devices and expensive biomedical equipment in hospitals.
  • The curriculum provides a broad introduction to electronics, with the opportunity to specialize in sustainability in energy production, or biomedical, microelectronic, optical or electronic systems engineering.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Pass with 60% aggregate marks in 10+2 or equivalent (with Physics, Mathematics and English) subject to qualifying .
  • 3 years Diploma in Electronics and Communication.

Duration of this program

  • 4 Years with total number of 8 semesters


1st Semester
Course Code Course Title
BTPH101 Engineering Physics
BTAM101 Engineering Mathematics-I
BTHU101 Communicative English
BTEE 101 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
HVPE101 Human Values and Professional Ethics
BTPH102 Engineering Physics Laboratory
BTHU102 Communicative English Laboratory
BTEE102 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory
BTMP101 Manufacturing Practice
2nd Semester
BTCH 101 Engineering Chemistry
BTAM102 Engineering Mathematics-II
BTME101 Elements of Mechanical Engineering
BTCS 101 Fundamentals of Computer Programming and IT
EVSC 101 Environmental Science
BTCH102 Engineering Chemistry Laboratory
BTME102 Engineering Drawing
BTCS 102 Fundamentals of Computer Programming and IT Laboratory
BTME103 Engineering Computer Graphics Laboratory
3rd Semester
BTAM-301 Engineering Mathematics-III
BTCS-305 Object Oriented Programming using C++
BTEC-301 Analog Devices & Circuits
BTEC-302 Digital Circuit and Logic Design
BTEC-303 Network Analysis and Synthesis
BTEC-304 Lab Analog Devices & Circuits
BTEC-305 Lab Digital Circuit and Logic Design
BTCS-309 Lab Object Oriented Programming
Workshop Training *
Fourth Semester
BTEE-402 Linear Control Systems
BTEC-401 Analog Communication system
BTEC-402 Signal & Systems
BTEC-403 Electromagnetics & Antennas
BTEC-404 Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation
BTEC-405 Pulse Wave Shaping and Switching
BTEC-406 Lab Analog Communication Systems
BTEC-407 Lab Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation
BTEC-408 Lab Signal & Systems using MATLAB
General Fitness
Fifth Semester
BTCS-304 Data Structures
BTEC-501 Digital Communication System
BTEC-502 Digital Signal Processing
BTEC-503 Linear Integrated Circuit
BTEC-504 Micro processors & Micro controllers.
BTEC-505 Lab Digital Signal Processing
BTEC-506 Lab Linear Integrated Circuit
BTEC-507 Lab Digital Communication System
BTEC-508 Lab Hardware Programme & Interfacing
Sixth Semester
BTCS-401 Operating Systems
BTEC-601 Microwave & Engineering
BTEC-602 Wireless Communication System
BTEC-603 Engineering Economics & Industrial Management
BTEC-604 VLSI Design
BTEC-XXX Elective-I
BTEC-606 Lab Microwave Engineering
General Fitness
Seventh Semester
BTCS-403 Computer Networks
BTEC-701 Embedded Systems
BTEC-702 Optical Communication
BTEC-YYY Elective-II
BTEC-703 Lab Wireless and Optical Systems & Networks
BTEC-704 Lab Embedded Systems
BTEC-705 Major Project
Eighth Semester
Software Training Industry Oriented Project Training

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Programme Educational Objectives of the B.Tech Program in Electronics and Communication Engineering:
Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates will be able to:

  • Excel in their professional career, higher studies and research.
  • Present leadership through technological talent and contemporary knowledge.
  • Explore and adapt latest technologies in their relevant areas and demonstrate competency as well as social commitment in their work.